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Roden's All-Star Machine & Mfg. is certified to AS9100d standards and in accordance:

• We reserve the right to review the processes and records associated with this order at all suppliers’ facilities with appropriate notification. This right extends to our customers, applicable regulatory agencies, and any sub-tier suppliers used in the fulfillment of this order.

• Certificates of Conformance are required for each line item listed on a PO.

• Documents and records regarding the parts and/or services associated with a PO are required to be retained for a minimum of 7 years.

• Suppliers must maintain conformance and traceability records regarding the product or service provided in regards to this order.

• When utilizing sampling inspection, the method must be in accordance to a statistically valid standard (i.e. ANSI Z1.4 or equivalent). This must also be in conformance with a C=0 acceptance plan, meaning NO lots with known nonconformities can be accepted and shipped.

• All special processes required by this PO must be performed by qualified personnel and the processes be periodically validated to ensure output meets requirements. Process validation records will be made available upon request.

• Any differences between what is listed above and what is provided by the supplier must be clearly identified, communicated and approved prior to shipping.

• Suppliers are not, under any circumstance, granted MRB authority to alter the product characteristics.

• Detection of a nonconforming product regarding any order (currently in work or previously shipped) must be promptly communicated to our quality department for risk assessment.

• If any of this order is outsourced to your suppliers, all applicable requirements and specifications must be communicated (including all applicable key characteristics) to each sub-tier supplier used.

• If providing calibration services, all certificates must identify standards used and must be traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards Technology).

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Our company, Roden’s All-Star Machine & Manufacturing Incorporated, strives not to use any “conflict” minerals as described in the Dodd-Frank Act section 1502 in the production of our products. We use only approved suppliers for our material and when possible, we buy only from suppliers who source from Allied Nation mills. We conduct occasional audits of our material suppliers as per our operational procedure SOP-08. As an added precaution to prevent the use of conflict minerals in our operations, we at Roden’s All-Star Machine & Manufacturing Incorporated will continue to monitor all mill certifications upon receipt and before machining for mention of any country involved the mining of such minerals, including but not limited to Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Sudan, Angola, Uganda, Zambia, and the Congo Republic.

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